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Altiplano gastronomy

Our gastronomy, typical dishes and influence

A little history

Mix of Cultures

Granada’s Gastronomy of represents the tradition of the Arabian-Andalusian cuisine. On the one hand, the Arab heritage, which survived thanks to the Moors and which is evident in the use of spices; and, on the other, the wide variety of raw materials that we find, determined by the great climatic differences of the different regions of Granada.

Some of the dishes Typical regional Granada are the Broad Beans with Ham, the San Antón pot, the Andalusian gazpacho, the kid with garlic and the Sacromonte Tortilla.

The dishes

As a first dish from Granada we must highlight the Broad beans with Ham. To do this, we fry them slowly in the oil that already has the aftertaste of the Trevélez ham sautéed in it. And all together, beans and ham, they finish helping the love of the fire.

This is how we come to one of the most exquisite dishes of Granada’s cuisine: the Sacromonte Omelette, which to be authentic must include cooked brains and veal criadillas, all sauteed, cut in small pieces and finally mixed with the beaten eggs.

Altiplano Experience - Typical dish of Granada

Another dish with a simple appearance is the Papas a lo Pobre. Especially if they are made as they should: slowly fried with olive oil, egg and fried peppers.

As inland, stews are our daily bread: the Olla de San Anton, with a wide range of accoutrements; Accompanied by pig’s head, ear, bacon, blood sausage, etc. and fennels, it is taken mainly on the second half of January. Los Potajes de Berzas, a tasty combination of vegetables and legumes; and those of pears.

The stew

Among the pots of Granada, the one with small green beans, the fennel or the gypsy stew, the thistle casserole and the pumpkin casserole stand out. with noodles and aromatic herbs, without forgetting the Pimentoneras Porridge and Migas. Likewise, highlighting from the Altiplano region, the Huesquino stuffing, the Lomo de Orza, thegurullos with partridge, the Segureño Lamb or the Andrajos with Hare.

Gastronomy of the Altiplano Granada - Altiplano Experience

The Gastronomy of Granada offers regional dishes. Typical dishes of the Alpujarra are the poor potatoes, the Alpujarra dish, the Alpujarra crumbs and the gypsy stew. In La Vega the typical food is ajoblanco, in Guadix, stewed partridges, in sauce or pickled, rabbits and lamb in sherry.

Also Gastronomy Granada offers for dessert the sweets of the convents: soplillos, cakes of glory, the royal cake from Motril, the sky bacon from Guadix, pestiños from Vélez, donuts from Loja.

 Gastronomy of the Altiplano Granada - Altiplano Experience

The internationally famous Piononos are a delight for even the most delicate and demanding palate. They consist of a sheet of sponge cake moistened in syrup, filled with pastry yolk and cinnamon, rolled up on itself. The same happens with the Roscos de Loja, the butter buns from Montefrío and the rich Bacon de Cielo de Guadix.

Star products

In Poniente de Granada, the peculiar Asparagus Triguero de Huétor Tájar, from the Mozarabic crops of the Granada vegas, brings great attention.

Rio Frío Trout enjoys a great national reputation, much of the most representative cuisine in the area is based on the different ways of preparing trout.

Wine production

With regard to wine, it is traditionally produced in the Contraviesa and has been officially recognized under the designation of origin Costa . Most are made in small family wineries with traditional techniques and very uneven results.

However, wineries in other areas of Granada such as the North are beginning to emerge (Baza, Guádix, Huéscar, etc …) or the Southwest area (Albolote, Almuñécar, Granada, Motril, Lecrín, etc …) and very interesting initiatives are emerging. Visit one of Granada’s wineries and taste the local wines, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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