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El Niño

Cave Hotel

Enjoy sleeping
on a cave hotel

El Niño Cave Hotel is located in the town of Cuevas del Campo at the north of Granada, inside the Granada’s Geopark, a lovely environment.

Just 8 km away from Pantano del Negratín where you can perform water activities such as: kayaking, paddle-surfing and swimming. Also 8 km away, we find the first Andalusian inland Naturist beach located at the end of Pantano del Negratín , and 110 km away from Granada Capital, AVE train station and its Airport. We offer shuttle service.

The accommodation is fully conditioned, with the same amenities as a home, without noise as it is built by excavating the mountain soil , which in turn allows it to maintain a constant temperature inside that ranges between 18ºC and 21ºC, ideal for practicing a Spanish siesta.

A 6 Km. We have the Mirador del Negratín, from where you can see the Granada Geopark declared a place of interest by UNESCO in its publication “Discover the Geoparks of Spain” . Here you can already appreciate the stratification of the land, hence its great Geological interest . We offer a guide service for hiking, guided hiking, as well as four guided 4×4 routes that we recommend.

At nightfall and thanks to having one of the cleanest skies in Europe , and with less light pollution, from the Mirador del Negratín you can appreciate the starry sky . It is for this reason that it is an ideal place for Astro-tourism. We have an Astroguide Service.

We are just 12 km from the Natural Park of the Sierras de Segura, Cazorla and Las Villas, it is a protected natural space where flora and fauna come together to complement this privileged environment in which we find ourselves. It is possible to see wild boars, fallow deer and mountain goats in the wild.

Gastronomically speaking, you will be able to savor traditional homemade meals such as Gurullos with partridge, Gachas cakes with hare, Porridge, Migas. We have food service.

It should be noted that every year, on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, the “ Passion is celebrated in the streets of Cuevas del Campo , Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Saint Matthew “where all the people intervene, and which passes a few meters from the El Niño Cave .

We are surrounded by olive groves, the climatic conditions as well as the altitude play a key factor that has led to its intensive cultivation, hence we also offer the possibility of tasting our AOVE liquid gold. </ p>

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