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UNESCO Granada's Global Network Geoparks Adventure

Were you waiting for

discovering the altiplano experience.

Now it’s your chance.

Altiplano Experience is a professional`s community
who brings you closer to the Granada’s Altiplano.
Let yourself be surprised by the variety
of activities, routes and accommodations
that we offer.
Please Feel the atmosphere
that is breathed in this lovely place.


Immerse yourself in Granada’s Geopark surroundings.

One of the most attractive natural areas of Granada’s Altiplano,

forming a visitors’ interesting areas network.

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Saint Lawrence`s tears

Are you going to miss the biggest night show in the world!

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Enjoy the pleasure of staying in a cave hotel

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Our gastromic culture

Delicacies from our kitchen that you must taste.

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¿What is an olive tree?

An olive tree is an old, old, old
and it is a child with a branch on his forehead
and hanging on his waist
a bag full of olives.

Rafael Alberti

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