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Rural Apartments

Another way to enjoy the Granada´s Geopark

Negratín’s Balcony Rural Apartments

Negratín’s Balcony Rural Apartments are located in the heart of the Granada Geopark / Granada Geopark, in the north of the Province, in the town of Cuevas del Campo, It is an exceptional enclave since its location offers one of the best perspectives of the Geopark. It is located a few kilometers from the Natural Park of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and las Villas.

Negratín’s Balcony Rural Apartments are located in the Mirador del Negratín, declared a place of geological interest by UNESCO in its publication “Discovering the Geoparks of Spain / Discovering Spanish Geoparks”, being able to clearly see the mountainous reliefs and stratifications of the terrain, badlands, to Sierra Nevada.

Negratín’s Balcony Rural Apartments Apartments are a set of 4 apartments that pretend to be a hybrid between a house and a cave, built in 2003 with a reinforced concrete structure. The four apartments have two bedrooms, exterior windows, a living-dining room with a wood-burning fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and an outdoor pool.

Accomodations are complemented by guided tours on foot, by bicycle and 4×4 vehicle through the Granada Geopark, making known Geological, Paleontological, Archaeological and Hydrographic aspects.

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